A Back Facial!

With all that cold weather and dry air this winter. Our skin is feeling very dry and itchy. Facials are a good way to relieve the dry itchy skin with a good exfoliation also adding more hydration to the skin with serums and masks. Don’t forget about the skin on the rest of your body as well it is dehydrated, dry and itchy! My Esthetician has a wonderful treatment for your back. A Back Facial !! Yup, that’s right a facial for your back! Deep cleansing under steam, exfoliation to remove dry skin cells that have built up over the winter massage to get blood and oxygen flowing and detoxifying tissue, extractions Yes on the back you may have blackheads etc. on your back you don’t know about I can take care of them for you also a treatment mask customized for your skins mager concerns followed by more massage to incorporate moisturizer.  

Body scrub with salt at spa
Masseuse hands doing massage on woman’s back at beauty salon. Beauty therapist pouring salt scrub on woman back at health spa. Scrubbing and skin care concept.

Aaahhhhhh sooooo relaxing and your back will feel Great!