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Hair Removal / Waxing

First, let’s clarify that waxing is not as relaxing as a body treatment or facial, but it is a service that ends up being very time saving and very rewarding. Ask anyone that has waxed for any length of time if they would ever go back to shaving the areas they now wax. Bet the answer will be “Absolutely not, no more razor nicks for me!”

When hair is removed by waxing it weakens the hair follicle. Therefore after waxing on a continuous  basis you will notice softer, finer, more sporadic hair growth.

We know that if we want smooth legs, underarms, bikinis, we have to shave almost everyday. 365 days a year is a lot of razor nicks. Now is the time to start. Whether it is your legs, bikini, underarms, eyebrows, forearms or anything else, Let’s get to work! You will never have to touch a razor again.

I use all relax & wax products in my studio. It is gentle on the skin and very effective for hair removal. I Always applying pre and post  care products to sooth & calm your freshly waxed skin. Home care products are available for skin concerns.

Waxing services

  • Lip ($10)
  • Brows ($15)
  • Chin ($15)
  • Nostril ($15)
  • Full Face $35 (does not include brows)
  • Underarms ($20)
  • Arms ($30/$45)
  • Legs ($40/$60)
  • Chest ($40+)
  • Back ($50/$70)
  • Belly ($20+)
  • Bikini ($35)
  • Brazillian ($60+)

+ means if we need to extend outside of the area being waxed it will result in a small extra charge

~Benefits of Waxing~

  • Diminishes Hair Growth
  • Hair Removal last weeks
  • Creates Smooth Silky Skin
  • Most cost effective way to remove 

To ensure a sanitary waxing I Never use the same stick twice. If you are using any Antibiotics, Retin A, Differn, Tazoriac or Accutane, please let your therapist know as these are 3 contraindications for waxing and increase skin sensitivity which will result in skin lifting.

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